Lighting Design Service

For efficient lighting solutions, we determine what is the appropriate lighting level.  Light levels are measured in Lux and there are recommended light levels for most areas and/or activities. There is also recommended uniformity levels.  Uniformity is a measure of the ‘evenness’ of the light.  Very often, our customer will advise us of the lighting levels he/she needs.  From this information, we then design a lighting scheme using the optimum number of Luminaires.

Factors to consider are: Number of Luminaires, Wattage & Type of Luminaires, Glare, Light Spill off site, Appearance of Luminaires (and Poles if relevant), Energy usage, maintenance issues, colour & quality of light output, capital cost, other issues, etc.

When we receive an AutoCad Drawing, we can insert the Luminaires (in Green below and numbered), and show the resulting light levels (in Black below).  The various statistical data is shown in the Red boxes below including:

  1. Location of Luminaires (X, Y, and Z co-ordinates). Note Z is height.
  2. Average, Maximum and Minimum light levels.
  3. Luminaire Label, Description, Lumen Output, Light Loss Factor and quantity used.

Lighting Design Calculation

Lighting Calculations and AutoCad drawings are received/provided for both internal Projects (Warehouses, Factories, Sports Halls, etc) as well as external Projects (like car park & roadway site above).

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